13. Em vs. Bey (What's Cool)


Felicity Stevenson joins BFSC to deliberate on the careers of Eminem and Beyonce and answer the question “What’s cool?”.

DISCLAIMER: This is the first time we’ve researched our topic of discussion on this show. We’d like to emphasize that the point of the conversation is much more centered around the question of ‘what is cool’ than the accurate reporting of information. Rest assured there’s a bit of misinformation in this episode, none of which is intentional. Most of what we researched can be found on Wikipedia or a simple Google search. Rather than cite all of our sources we encourage you to consider everything we say in this episode as rough estimation. We hope you’ll be inspired to do your own research on Eminem and Beyonce and get swept away in both of their fascinating careers as we have.

Matt Naas