Episode 17: NFL Draft Value

This week Ali and Rams welcome Nader as a guest star who helped drive the NFL draft value conversation. The guys discuss Ezekiel Elliott draft value and potential handcuffs. They also discuss potential ADP steals and busts. Ali and Rams discuss what do with the 10th overall pick in their upcoming NCAAF draft.

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Matt Naas
Episode 15: Look Out

This week Ali and Ramsey are ambitious enough to tackle Fantasy advice for MLB, NCCAF, and NFL.

This week for MLB Ali and Ramsey advocate pick ups for:

Shane Greene, Brad Ziegler, Arodys Vizcaino, Howie Kendrick, Lucas Duda, Rafael Devers.

Ali and Rams chat about NFL players they like for first round picks, and NCAAF players they don't like due to their draft value.

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Episode 14: Spilled Milk

This week Ali and Rams discuss baseball pickups including:

Tommy Pham, Gerardo Parra, Ian Happ, Jon Lackey, Luis Castillo, Rafael Devers, Paul Dejong.

Ali and Rams discuss NCAAF including players they like for draft strategy beyond the 1st round.

Matt Naas
Episode 13: Double Whammy!

Today, Ali and Rams delve into how Ali earned a double Whammy this week in baseball. Ali and Rams advocate for pickups including Danny Valencia, Tommy Pham, Yoan Moncada, Gerardo Parra, Trevor Cahill. Ali and Rams continue to dive in NCAAF fantasy draft strategies.

Matt Naas

This week Ali and Rams discuss who is the best pitcher in baseball today through the All-Star break? More NCAAF draft strategy talk including why Rams likes to "take it in the A#$."

Matt Naas
Episode 11: All Star Break

Ali and Rams discuss some disappointments headed into the All Star break including Justin Verlander, Jon Lester, Jordan Zimmerman. Waiver wire pickups for the week include: Fernando Rodney, Scott Feldman, Danny Valencia, Kyle Schawrber.  Ali and Rams begin discussing College Fantasy Football by discussing some of the top Qb-RB-WR to consider drafting. 

Episode 10: Genius or Jackass?

Ali and Rams continue spouting out fantasy baseball goodness. This week Ali continues to swing from Scott Feldman's ball sack, wondering why his ownership isn't up. In news you can use, Rams describes free agents that can you can pickup while Trea Turner is injured.

Also, Rams gives ready to be owned free agents including Scooter Gennett, Michael Taylor, Josh Reddick, Orlando Arcia, Daniel Descalso, Joe Ross, Andrew Moore, Kenta Maeda.

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Episode 9: The Name Game

Ali and Rams begin by discussing a new commissioner note in their league before diving into the Kyle Schwarber demotion. From there, a new game in which Ali really tests Rams's knowledge. Lastly, lots of free agent/waiver discussion.

Players Discussed: Jacob Faria, Mike Montgomery, Andrew Moore, Matt Davidson, Howie Kendrick, Trey Mancini. Jason Hammel.

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Matt Naas
Episode 8: Pickups and Drops

This week Ali and Rams discuss if you should or shouldn't drop Koda Glover now that he is on the DL? Ali continues to swing from Fernando Rodney's balls.

Ali and Rams advocate picking up the following free agents:

Felipe Rivero, Jed Lowrie, Jose Peraza, Whit Merrifield, Derek Holland, Derek Fisher, and Mallex Smith.

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Episode 7: Confounded

Ali and Rams continue discussing hot free agent waiver wire pickups. Ali is still confounded by why certain players aren't owned especially when they are on fire.

Players Discussed:

Fernando Rodney, Scott Feldman, Odubel Herrera, Edison Volquez, Jameson Taillon

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Episode 5: Lineups

Who won last weeks brother vs brother matchup? Ramsey disagrees with Ali's lineup choices, but Ali is the week high scorer. Ali and Ramsey discuss hot free agent pickup that should be picked up immediately.

Matt Naas
Episode 4: Talk Me Down

Ali is in first place this week so he should be happy but why is he also suicidal?  This week see if Rams can talk him off the ledge.

Matt Naas