Bonus Ep 1: Top 5 80's Tag Teams

The votes are in & 80’s Tag Teams is the winner!(Or at least one of them). Jake is back! And joins Bob & Alex as they discuss their personal favorites and the arguably greatest teams of the 80’s & of all time.  And also OJ as a wrestler. Go for the leg and enjoy!

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Matt Naas
Episode 2: April 7, 1986

This week Bob & Alex discuss epic debuts, celebrity announcers, the NFL vs WWF, the Big Blue Steel Cage, and Highway to Heaven? A unique convo for a most unique event, Wrestlemania 2. All this, plus Physics of the Ring, as they go back to 1986. 

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Matt Naas
Episode 1: March 31, 1985

Journey back to 1985 and recall it all with Alex and Bob as they discuss the first WrestleMania, in-ring physics, and the difference between a bad promo and a promo that’s so bad it's good! 

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#WrestleManiacs #WrestleManiacspod #Ringphysics #80sKids#nostalgiaholic


Matt Naas

Alex, Jake, and Bob discuss their love of wrestling, their first wrestling memories, their favorite wrestlers and what keeps them hooked.

Matt Naas