Episode 3: March 29, 1987

This week Bob, Alex and Jake talk about the event that became the measuring stick for all Wrestlemanias to come. Wrestlemania III. It’s the irresistible force meeting the immovable object, Hogan vs. Andre. And it’s also Jake’s first time seeing this entire show! Enjoy the discussion and reliving this epic event!

Bob Wieck
Bonus Ep 1: Top 5 80's Tag Teams

The votes are in & 80’s Tag Teams is the winner!(Or at least one of them). Jake is back! And joins Bob & Alex as they discuss their personal favorites and the arguably greatest teams of the 80’s & of all time.  And also OJ as a wrestler. Go for the leg and enjoy!

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Matt Naas
Episode 2: April 7, 1986

This week Bob & Alex discuss epic debuts, celebrity announcers, the NFL vs WWF, the Big Blue Steel Cage, and Highway to Heaven? A unique convo for a most unique event, Wrestlemania 2. All this, plus Physics of the Ring, as they go back to 1986. 

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Matt Naas
Episode 1: March 31, 1985

Journey back to 1985 and recall it all with Alex and Bob as they discuss the first WrestleMania, in-ring physics, and the difference between a bad promo and a promo that’s so bad it's good! 

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Matt Naas

Alex, Jake, and Bob discuss their love of wrestling, their first wrestling memories, their favorite wrestlers and what keeps them hooked.

Matt Naas