Episode 77: Escape from Cape Coma by Twisted Method

Just in time for Thanksgiving, this week on the Roach Koach podcast it’s a full nu-metal meal as Jenny, Matt and Lorin listen to Twisted Method and their album, Escape from Cape Coma. Topics discussed: Who’s Tweeting, Ill Nino responses, #activeboys, Beanbag, “In Defense of a Smooth Boy”, Flaw recommendations, Discography Discussion, nu-metal in Pitchfork, “The whole stadium came down with The Sickness”, the Juggalo Hundo, The Comedown, album art, thin production, too much backup vocals?; about the pit and for the pit, “E-fucking-nough!”, Phantom of the Milk Bar, what is going on in Cape Coral?; Meathead Jenny, “You are enough”, Tripp vs Draiman, never go wrong with a song called “Rot”, “No body, where’s the crime?”; bassist replaced with a coat hanger, song about 9/11, encompassing every element of Nu-Metal, and the decision on whether Twisted Method deserve a place in the Nu-Metal Canon. 

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Lorin Kozlowski