Episode 79: Through The Eyes by Flaw

This week on the Roach Koach Podcast we listen to the Kings of Louisville, KY, Flaw, and their album Through The Eyes. Topics discussed: the world loves Meathead Jenny, Who’s Tweeting, Twisted Method reaches out, Flaw episode expectations, Charles Mansion, the “genius” list, the Juggalo Hundo, Kings of Louisville, the Comedown, David Bottrill, going to Tool Town, the military loves Roach Koach, your nu-metal dad went on a journey, Smooth Boys, The Animal Law, is this a Christian band?; pit activation, worms in the “Payback” video, Muzzy is back, Beef curtain music?; talking about crying, searing the pit, The Sully Zone, the 69th Amendment, Intensity, Locking up the system, upbeat Songmeanings.com, “Thank you, Chris Volz”, “This is our song”, and of course a discussion on whether Flaw deserve a place in the Nu-Metal Canon. 

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Lorin Kozlowski