Episode 58: Inches from the Mainline by Slaves on Dope

This week on Roach Koach it’s all about the smooth boys of Slaves on Dope and their major label debut, Inches From the Mainline. Topics discussed: Roach Koach live show proceeds update, Motor Kitty Rescue, Who’s Tweeting, considering more female fronted bands for the canon, new music from listener Kalan and his band Athika, Ricky Danger recommends CrawlBlind, “No one likes Cold”, Jenny’s identity crisis of 2000, the John Lennon connection, Lorin and the drum sounds, the Hamlet connection, “I don’t mind this smooth boy”, #smoothboy, old man voices, relentless pit activations, cocaine dabbling, “silly” head games, Prow-lar meets Smoothboy, “You’re a piece of garbage/I don’t like your face”, properly recording a dick slap, becoming a Kafka bug, working for Cutco Knives, Roach Koach Morning Zoo, queefing on command, and of course the decision on whether Slaves On Dope deserve a place in the Nu-Metal Canon. 

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