Episode 65: Videodrone by Videodrone

This week the Roach Koach Podcast puts on their mesh shirts and listens to the one and only album by Videodrone. Topics discussed: Matt and Lorin talk about Who’s At Korn, Fry Talk, “Everybody loved Skillet”, The Drunkest Man in the World, The Corey Taylor Show, Roach Ryder 4 Lyfe Dan, “You gotta do Dope”, The Juggalo Hundo, Who’s Tweeting, Glen the Bookseller, Beloved Fieldy, the many names of Videodrone, Queen of the Damned soundtrack, “But it’s too long, which is a theme”, a mesh shirt vibe, entering the Devil’s Sweepstakes, Whitesnake connection, “This is terrible and I fucking love it, “What’s a sybian machine?”; finding a place for “Human Piñata”, and of course deciding whether Videodrone deserve a spot in the Nu-Metal Canon. 

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