Episode 85: Headtrip to Nowhere by Flybanger

This week on the Roach Koach Podcast, Jenny, Lorin and Matt try to figure out how many bands are hidden inside Flybanger on their debut album, Headtrip to Nowhere. Topics discussed: Who’s Tweeting, Crossbreed feedback, Nu-Metal acronyms, getting a Roach Koach t-shirt, Roach Koach sticker giveaway, Gimme Dem Sticks #GDS, the new Machine Head album, the Juggalo Hundo, the Thick of It, Post Grunge aka Butt Rock, Skim of the Wiki, Gavin DeGraw, Fart Monster in the Morning, Jar(r), changing into a werewolf, crackballs vs crack rocks, “when are you gonna die? Hopefully pretty soon”, and of course the decision on whether Flybanger deserve placement in the Nu Metal Canon. 

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Lorin Kozlowski