Episode 123: Ten Thousand Fists by Disturbed

This week on Roach Koach it is time for some nu-metal math as we break down just how Disturbed named their album, Ten Thousand Fists. Topics discussed: Who’s Tweeting, Step Kings feedback, Project 86, Charles Mansion, The Comedown, Jenny’s Record Time memories, Todd McFarlane, Disturbed T-shirt giveaway, The Guy has been working out, Manowar, Songmeanings dot com, the new Disturbed album, Dragonforce and power metal, “I’m a teen”, The Beatles, getting the full cheek, Abyss or Ibiza, Genius List controversy, dudes in suits, Tool Town, Dr. Marty, “Land of Confusion” video discussion, Frenzy Approved, and of course Canon Talk, where Matt, Lorin and Jenny decide if Disturbed get another spot in the Nu-Metal Canon. 

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Lorin Kozlowski