Episode 125: White Pony by Deftones

It’s an episode of Sensual Chino and Thirsty Bitches as Roach Koach celebrates 125 episodes with Deftones and their landmark album, White Pony. During Who’s Tweeting (1:26), Jenny, Lorin and Matt go over feedback from the live show and consider a listener question on who the Big 4 of Nu-Metal could be. Then it’s time to dive into White Pony (8:33), where they discuss Jenny’s old boyfriend, the critical acclaim for the album, “Back to School”, Honking on the Bobo, the Afghan Whigs, the dangers of analingus, oral sex while driving, Chino vs Jonathan vs Fred, and of course Canon Talk, where they decide if Deftones deserve more space in the Nu-Metal Canon. 

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Lorin Kozlowski