Episode 89: Set It Off by Shuvel

Emotions run high on this week’s episode of The Roach Koach Podcast, as Jenny, Lorin, and Matt dig in to Set It Off, the major label debut album from Shuvel. Topics discussed: Requesting nu-metal during a medical procedure, many album recommendations, Who’s Tweeting, RK gets another band to reunite, a Nu-Metal snack pack, Sweet Ts, Genius talk, Thick of It, Used Bin Hero, Estocks_USA, Scotch and his dark connection, Columbine Corner, Production talk with Matt, help from a stripper, “This ain’t nu-metal!”, “This ain’t activating shit!”, employing a Middle Finger, regretful pit activation, wake up sheeple, When I Think, America’s Next Top Model, a weed song, Is Lorin a narc?; “Vengeance comes for the motherfucker who slipped”, is Scotch to blame?; the Shuvel struggle, and an emotional Matt Naas during Canon Talk, as it is determined whether Shuvel deserve a spot in the Nu-Metal Canon. 

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Lorin Kozlowski