Episode 93: E-Lux by Human Waste Project

This week on the Roach Koach Podcast the Angel Ross Robinson is back behind the boards, helping out Human Waste Project on their one and only album, E-Lux. Topics discussed: Who’s Tweeting, Juggalo Prom, Boy Hits Car, love from London, Death Grips, #whosthinking, 36 Crazyfists, Serial Joe, Joel McIver and the Good Book, Aimee Echo, alternative metal, the Christgau Challenge, songs about being a vampire, wiki vandalism, an Incubus vibe, Nu-metal Gwen, Big thrifting, a sub/dom relationship, Ross’s rules, a goth direction, Alanis, a Lost Classic Track, Alt rock meat, and Canon Talk, where Lorin, Jenny and Matt determine whether Human Waste Project deserve a place in the Nu-Metal Canon. 

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Lorin Kozlowski