Episode 100: Toxicity by System of a Down

At long last, the Roach Koach Podcast reaches their 100th episode. It is only fitting that Jenny, Lorin and Matt commemorate the special occasion with System of a Down’s career making second album, Toxicity. As well, there is a lot of time spent reading nice things people have said about the show. Topics discussed: Supersized (and self indulgent) Who’s Tweeting, #Juicepigs4life, Roach Koach giveaways, everyone loves Prowlar, getting a look into the canon, a surprise canon induction, “Nu-metal changed my life”, Mortiis, #gimmedemsticks2thestickening, respectful disagreement, the cusp of the comedown, Matt’s deep connection to Toxicity, Jenny still won’t get coffee with Serj, Sleepy Boy Rick Rubin, “Is that a door?”; pit activation, Wake up Sheeple, Tru Jenny, What do you call a System of a Down fan?; Songmeanings.com in full force, the genius list, essays and novels, is this Nu-Metal?; “It’s a banger”, 1079 comments, the Nu-Metal “Jump”, “It’s about fucking!”; 35 Minutes of Slurps, Charles Mansion the Soundcloud rapper, Talking about p-p-p-p-posers, Warped tour, Morality and science, Andrew Lloyd Webber, the one shortcoming of this album, what is the “Bodies” of this album?; “a shining example of what you can do with a Slow Boy”, the Juggalo Hundo, and of course Canon Talk, where Lorin, Jenny and Matt decide if System of a Down go two for two for the Nu-Metal Canon. A big thank you to every Roach Ryder and Indigo Angel who has ever listened to the show, whether this is your first or 100th episode, we appreciate you. 

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Lorin Kozlowski