Episode 107: Body Count by Body Count

It’s Week 3 of Nu-Metal Forefathers Month, and Body Count is coming for you. Jenny, Lorin and Matt listen to Ice-T’s metal band debut and discuss it’s Papa tendrils, “Evil Dick” and so much more. Topics discussed: Who’s Tweeting, new Limp Bizkit music?; My Ticket Home feedback, “Gets the guys going”, Matt’s history with Body Count, Skribbal on Body Count, Big thrifting, the Devil’s butt, “If you’re from Mars…”, vacuum cleaner, Guns N Roses, what is classic rock?; Ice-T and the voodoo priestess, being cheated on, authenticity, a “Cop Killer” discussion, Songmeanings.com, Robert Christgau, and Papa Talk, where the decision is made on whether Body Count is truly a Papa of Nu-Metal. 

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