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Episode 21: Wisconsin Death Trip by Static X

The pit is activated in record time on this episode of Roach Koach. Jenny, Lorin and Matt take a deep dive into Static-X's debut album, Wisconsin Death Trip. Topics discussed: Did this band miss their shot at the big time? Is it possible to decode the Robert Christgau rating system? Can an album be too good? What is "Love Dump" about? What is it mean to have a "reverse Staind problem"? Also another edition of Who's Tweeting?, a brief detour with Ministry and nursery rhymes, and of course, debating whether Static-X deserve a spot in the Nu-Metal Canon. 

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Episode 20: The Sickness by Disturbed

Jenny, Lorin, and Matt celebrate their 20th episode of Roach Koach with Disturbed's debut album, The Sickness. Are Lorin and Jenny actually sick from this album? Topics and questions discussed: Who's tweeting? What incredible book arrived in Lorin's mailbox? Who is "The Guy"? Is this album art a man pretending to be an uncircumcised penis? What is the the ultimate big thrift? If you had to, how would you get Matt to a Disturbed concert? What is Jenny's favorite lyric? Most importantly, does this album belong in the Nu-Metal Canon? 

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Episode 10: Slipknot by Slipknot

This week Lorin and Jenny return to the Indigo Basement to listen to another Ross Robinson production, the debut album from Slipknot. Topics covered: Does this album turn Jenny into a mom? What does it take to join Slipknot? Is the pit activated? And most importantly, does this album belong in the Nu-Metal Canon? Put on your red jumpsuit and listen up to this new episode of Roach Koach. Thanks again to Eric Haenke for helping record this episode. Please take a moment to share with your friends and rate the show on iTunes. 

Episode 4: Infest by Papa Roach

In this episode, Lorin and Jenny consider the debut album by their namesake, Papa Roach. Topics include: Coby Dick, is he a babe? Is this album dumb? Does Papa Roach stand by their lyrics? Should you throw out all your material possessions because Papa Roach tells you to? Most important, does Infest belong in the Nu Metal Canon? Listen and find out! Logo by Mark Rudolph.