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Episode 44: Adema by Adema

We’re back in the Thick of It this week on The Roach Koach Podcast as Jenny, Lorin and Matt listen to Adema’s self titled debut album. Topics discussed: Adema’s release date, the Wallflowers connection, is the Adema album cover a Cathy comic?; “Yeah, sure, orgasmic.”; Now That’s What I Call Music Volume 9, Adema and Papa Roach at Harpos, a strong middle class and a moist p***y, taking The Christgau Challenge to a marathon, the rewards of being a member of the Adema Street Team, more great comments from and the answer to the question, does Adema belong in the Nu-Metal Canon?

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Episode 6: Hed PE by Hed PE

This time around, Lorin and Jenny discuss the first album from nu metal underdogs Hed PE. Is this the album that would have changed the life of a young Jenny? Are these the worst produced drums that Lorin has ever heard? Are the lyrics despicable? Most important, does this album belong in the Nu Metal Canon? Take a listen to find out! Also some nu metal news! Please rate and review in iTunes! Tell your friends about the show and visit @roachkoach on twitter!