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Episode 12: Methods of Mayhem by Methods of Mayhem

Roach Koach is back with the most violent episode they have ever recorded. This week Jenny and Lorin dive deep into the mind of Tommy Lee and his attempt to cash in on the nu-metal craze with Methods of Mayhem. Topics discussed: Did this album break the spirit of Roach Koach show producer Matt Naas? Did it break our hosts? Has anyone ever said "no" to Tommy Lee? Does listening to this album make your life worse? Most importantly, is it worthy of the Nu-Metal Canon? All this and a report on Roach Koach at the Detroit Improv Festival. Take a moment to rate and review Roach Koach on iTunes, like Roach Koach on Facebook and follow @RoachKoach on Twitter. 

Episode 10: Slipknot by Slipknot

This week Lorin and Jenny return to the Indigo Basement to listen to another Ross Robinson production, the debut album from Slipknot. Topics covered: Does this album turn Jenny into a mom? What does it take to join Slipknot? Is the pit activated? And most importantly, does this album belong in the Nu-Metal Canon? Put on your red jumpsuit and listen up to this new episode of Roach Koach. Thanks again to Eric Haenke for helping record this episode. Please take a moment to share with your friends and rate the show on iTunes. 

Episode 6: Hed PE by Hed PE

This time around, Lorin and Jenny discuss the first album from nu metal underdogs Hed PE. Is this the album that would have changed the life of a young Jenny? Are these the worst produced drums that Lorin has ever heard? Are the lyrics despicable? Most important, does this album belong in the Nu Metal Canon? Take a listen to find out! Also some nu metal news! Please rate and review in iTunes! Tell your friends about the show and visit @roachkoach on twitter!