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Episode 51: Get Some by Snot

Get your keys and unlock this new episode of the Roach Koach Podcast. This week Jenny, Lorin, and Matt find themselves surprised and confounded in equal quantities by the album Get Some by Snot. Topics covered: Where does Snot fit in the Nu-Metal Timeline?; the tragedy of Snot, Jenny took notes!; “X-Games Soundtrack?”; Yarl before there was a yarl, anti-TV songs, “While you were sleeping, you lost all your rights”, Sonny Mayo on Talk Toomey, a song based on a Nic Cage movie, The Great “Mouth Going South” Debate of 2017, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it punk”, Jenny’s Nu-Metal Parent Moment, Who’s Tweeting, a Linkin Park Groupon, Stephen answers questions about Australia, and of course the answer to the question of whether Snot deserve a place in the Nu-Metal Canon. 

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