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Episode 128: Take A Bite Outta Rhyme- A Rock Tribute to Rap

Roach Koach enters week three of Compilation Month, haunted by the legacy of Mr Loud Rocks as the team listens to Take A Bite Outta Rhyme, a Rock Tribute To Rap. Before diving into the album, Jenny, Lorin, and Matt find out Who’s Tweeting (2:18), read some emails, get feedback on the Switched episode and create the Nu-Metal Junk Drawer. Then it’s time to discuss Take A Bite Outta Rhyme(14:00). Is this a Nu-Metal McGruff the Crime Dog? What is the legacy of Dynamite Hack? Who brings out Funky Ken this time? And does any of this album belong in the Nu-Metal Canon? Listen and find out! 

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Episode 17: Dysfunction by Staind

This week on Roach Koach, Jenny and Lorin bring Staind onto the Indigo Porch and take the deep dive into their album Dysfunction. Your hosts delve into producer Matt's utter hatred for this band as well as try to use some clues to decipher just how religious Fred Durst really is. Also: Who's Tweeting? Is this album boring? Should Lorin sing over more songs on the show? What topics are worth talking about instead of Staind? As well, another great betrayal, an update on acquiring and the decision of whether Staind belongs in the Nu-Metal Canon. Like the show? Share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Follow @roachkoach on Twitter, and rate and review Roach Koach on iTunes.