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Episode 43: Suicide Silence by Suicide Silence

It’s a whole barrel of fishhooks on this week’s episode of The Roach Koach Podcast. Jenny, Lorin and Matt leave “The Thick of It” behind and go to the present day to see if the new Suicide Silence record is as nu-metal as everyone is complaining it to be. Also, the Roach Koach team makes a big announcement! Other topics discussed: Deathcore, what bands are Deathcore?; Does Jenny actually like Deathcore?; The Angel Ross Robinson, “The most stoppable album title”, Is this album eating shit?; “Back to School”, Suicide Silence wrote a love letter to Chino, #Narcissism, going to the Euros, more nursery rhymes, Sam’s Club, Who’s Tweeting; and of course the decision on whether Suicide Silence can muscle their way into the Nu-Metal Canon. 

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Episode 31: Sinner by Drowning Pool

Roach Koach enters 2017 with a hot one, as Jenny, Lorin, and Matt activate numerous pits with the debut album by Drowning Pool, Sinner. Topics discussed: Who’s Facebooking, Nicknames from The Angel, Big Jenny news!; Nu-metal bands named after Paul Newman movies, an album made for suplexing, Sketchers are the worst shoes on earth, mosh pit etiquette, Doves talk, and of course, deciding whether Drowning Pool deserve a spot in the Nu-Metal Canon. 

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