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Roach Koach Flashback: Episode 20 The Sickness by Disturbed

No new episode this week, Roach Ryders. Sorry! Instead, we are reupping one of our favorite episodes, The Sickness by Disturbed. Listen as Lorin and Jenny become infected with The Sickness while Matt tries to get us vaccinated.

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Episode 52: Believe by Disturbed

Can anyone ever rid themselves of The Sickness? That is one of many questions Jenny, Lorin and Matt are asking on this week’s episode of the Roach Koach Podcast as they listen to Disturbed’s sophomore release, Believe. Also discussed: Who’s Tweeting, respectful conversations in lobbies, The Roach Koach Appeal, Linkin Park vs their fans, Jenny’s “nerd” vindication, where is The Guy?; Matt Naas facial expressions, where is the dumb fun?; “I’m thinking Butt Rock”, “Pre-chorus can get you pregnant”, the grit in Draiman’s voice, “Draiman is considered a genius”, thoughtful lyrics, “This song reminds me of washing dishes”, what happens when someone takes one philosophy class, Jenny and Lorin list their celebrity invites for the live show, and of course, they decide whether Disturbed deserve another slot in the Nu-Metal Canon. 

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Episode 20: The Sickness by Disturbed

Jenny, Lorin, and Matt celebrate their 20th episode of Roach Koach with Disturbed's debut album, The Sickness. Are Lorin and Jenny actually sick from this album? Topics and questions discussed: Who's tweeting? What incredible book arrived in Lorin's mailbox? Who is "The Guy"? Is this album art a man pretending to be an uncircumcised penis? What is the the ultimate big thrift? If you had to, how would you get Matt to a Disturbed concert? What is Jenny's favorite lyric? Most importantly, does this album belong in the Nu-Metal Canon? 

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