Episode 70: Queen of the Damned Soundtrack

Dreams come true on the Roach Koach Podcast as Jenny makes her dream a reality and has Lorin and Matt discuss the film Queen of the Damned and it’s soundtrack on this week’s episode. Topics discussed: Who’s Tweeting, Pepsi Blue, sometimes we don’t listen to Nu-Metal, the bug bands, Rage Against the Machine, the Forefathers of Nu-Metal, reuniting bands, Downthesun, Dave Grohl and Roots, Fancy Matt, Lorin and his wife opening for Powerman 5000, Britney Spears fandom, Juggle Hundo, ICP vs Coal Chamber, a net of pubes, 3000 goths, MTV the Diary of Korn, “Perfect trash”, re-casting Lestat, “Imagine you’re a snake at the club”, Mighty Ducks connection, Rice-Bags, Draiman is still a genius, nu-metal nuclear bomb, breaking the “fuck” seal, a Sensual Chino classic, Lestat…fucks, intense fiddling, Godhead, “Good fright, Good Night”, “Crust is the neck of pizza”, Sex playlist, “Body crumbles”, the Krush Groove of Nu-Metal, and the answer to the question, does Queen of the Damned belong in the Nu-Metal Canon? 

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Lorin Kozlowski