Episode 69: Machine by Static-X

This week on the Roach Koach Podcast we enter the shadow zone as we listen to Nu-Metal Canon members Static-X and their sophomore release, Machine. Topics discussed: Who’s Tweeting, Incubus recommendation, a Roach Ryder meet up at the Machine Shop, demand for more Slipknot episodes, The Demon Hundo, Thick of It, “Looks like a Klingon sex toy”, a very hot open, Atmospheric Boy, picking a first single, “Bodies” whispers, Jenny describes TERMINATOR 2, The Mosquito God, PhD in “Otsego Undead”, sex playlists, “That includes the little boy at the top”, “This song is about trying to shit in a bag”, “You can’t be cynical in Sketchers”, “Hoobity Doo”, Bowser’s Theme, Tripp Eisen, “Also I am Ricky Danger” and of course the answer to the question: Does Static-X deserve another spot in the Nu-Metal Canon?

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Lorin Kozlowski