Episode 40: Soulfly by Soulfly

Pits activated, pits stoked, pits of all kinds are evoked on this new episode of The Roach Koach Podcast. This week Jenny, Lorin and Matt do double duty, as they discuss Soulfly’s self titled debut along with Max Cavalera’s autobiography, My Bloody Roots. Topics include: Is music better when you’re drunk?; poor Paolo, Max’s prolific output, Jenny’s history with Soulfly, “It takes a village to make Soulfly album”, the return of Sensual Chino, “Bring the shit”, Does no hope equal no fear?; dive bomber riffs, Lorin and Jenny’s respect for the canon, “Take that, Hootie!”; an overview of the Ten Commandments, Who’s Tweeting?; Mushroomhead feedback, the appeal of video games with water levels, and of course the answer to the question, does Soulfly deserve a place in the Nu-Metal Canon?

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