Episode 45: The War of Art by American Head Charge

This week on The Roach Koach Podcast the team get that midwest feeling as they listen to American Head Charge’s heavily requested album The War of Art. Topics covered: Did System of a Down accidentally bury this band?; being Nu-Metal as fuck, Gestapo Pussy Ranch, the production style of Rick Rubin, the return of Muzzy on Songmeanings.com, Motherfucking pushing the envelope, “The best song I’ve ever heard”, Is this album too long?; the old trope of killing women, bloody music videos, “Is this song about rape…or America?”; “Is this song about necrophilia?”; Who’s Tweeting, 11 Obscure nu-metal albums, and the answer to the question, does American Head Charge belong in the Nu-Metal Canon? Mark your calendars, the Roach Koach live show is June 7th at 9pm at Go Comedy Theater in Ferndale MI.

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