Episode 46: Orphan by Darwin's Waiting Room

“Best When Loud” is the motto on this week’s episode of The Roach Koach Podcast, as Jenny, Lorin and Matt listen to the lone release by Darwin’s Waiting Room, Orphan. Topics discussed: Jenny can’t read this week, how does Roach Koach determine what is canon worthy?; “Also known as Jason”; Is this too long a name for a band?; “Images of patricide”, Jenny throws herself into a volcano, “You wanna fuck around, you wanna play?”; Would you tell a band their song is bad to their face?; “Get yourself a ‘Bodies’”, Who’s Tweeting, and of course the answer to the question, does Darwin’s Waiting Room deserve a spot in the Nu-Metal Canon? 

Mark your calendars for the first live Roach Koach show, June 7th 2017, 9pm at Go Comedy Improv Theater in Ferndale MI. Tickets on sale soon!

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