Episode 50: Iowa by Slipknot

Hello Roach Ryders and Indigo Angels, and welcome to the 50th episode of the Roach Koach Podcast! We did it! Since 50 is such a special number, it felt right to reconnect with our old friends and members of the Nu-Metal Canon, Slipknot, and listen to their sophomore album, Iowa. Topics discussed: Does Jenny still think Slipknot are nerds?; Was Slipknot going through Hell making this album?; fancy foil work, Ross as the Dark Angel, listening at all volumes, “Haunting but nerdy masks”, Jenny reconsiders her stance on clean vocals, is Wes Borland a nerd?; “Drums drums drums”, “One for the spank bank”, “Thanks Mr. Business Man, you can suck my fucking dick”, “I heard Trent”, Corey Taylor the author, praise from Rolling Stone, a pan from Entertainment Weekly, Who’s Tweeting, “Nu-Metal to the Bone”, and of course the answer to the question, does Iowa deserve a place in the Nu-Metal Canon?

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