Episode 49: The Prize Recruit by Superheist

Hey hey hey! It’s a new episode of The Roach Koach Podcast and this week Jenny, Lorin, and Matt listen to Australian Nu-Metal titans Superheist and their debut album, The Prize Recruit. Topics discussed: International mail, goofy voicemails, The Thick of It, “a pinch of Zack”, bleeps and bloops, Jenny and a smooth chorus, ever evolving taste, Not Goo Goo Dolls, Prowlar, checking all the nu-metal boxes, defining Euro-trash, “The Ghost” and what could have been, the confidence of a double A Side, heading down south in Australia, Hick-hop and MiniThin, Roach Koach A&R, Senior Year!; Roach Koach appearing on the Talk Toomey podcast, Who’s Tweeting, and a hot debate on whether Superheist deserves a spot in the Nu-Metal Canon. 

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