Episode 55: Pass Out of Existence by Chimaira

The Roach Koach Podcast returns to the confines of the Indigo Basement this week as they bask in the afterglow of the live show while discussing Chimaira’s lone nu-metal offering, Pass Out of Existence. Topics include: How do you pronounce Chimaira?; Who’s Tweeting?; “Matt was classic”, Jenny’s skateboard past, Deftones concert report, The Comedown, early and often pit activation, “Find your own pit”, Jenny loves a “Get away!” song, Matt’s halloween costume, Nickelback vs Slipknot, a drummer who hates chickens, empathy, our first jinx, “Inspired by Mudrock”, the great “Bodies” debate, the return of Prow-lar, the movie SPHERE, fatigue, a recounting of the film JADE, and of course a discussion on whether Chimaira deserve a place in the Nu-Metal Canon. 

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