Episode 56: Satellite by P.O.D.

This week on the Roach Koach Podcast, Jenny, Lorin and Matt visit their old friends P.O.D. and discuss their album Satellite. Topics include: Who’s Tweeting, Happy Birthday Lovehatetragedy, Cannabis Corpse, Soulfly on tour, Hed PE returns to the Machine Shop, ICP and Juggalo emails, the album that kicked off “The Comedown”, 9/11, Jenny Eliscu’s review of Satellite in Rolling Stone, Grammy nominations for P.O.D., “This production is smooth and beautiful”, determining which “Set It Off” is right for you, “That’s a lot of high hat”, Jenny and her mediation, P.O.D. at the VMAs, sequencing, P.O.D.’s TRL reign, How Eek-A-Mouse got his name in Roach Koach Theater, activate the orchestra pit, the dream of a Nu-Metal “We Are The World”, “Who is the guy who betrayed Jesus?”; Does the Antichrist listen to the show?; Who is out there with a sex playlist of P.O.D.?; and the decision on whether P.O.D. deserve another spot in the Nu-Metal Canon. 

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