Episode 63: Broke by Hed PE

It’s a hot debate for canon eligibility on this week’s episode of Roach Koach as Jenny, Lorin and Matt revisit old friends Hed PE and their second album, Broke. Topics discussed: Jenny and Lorin report back from seeing Incubus in concert, Fry MacGyver, CrawlBlind feedback, #ladyscanbesmoothboystoo, Nu-Metal as Fuck, Hed PE’s label woes, Mayan 2012 didn’t work out, if the Muppets made a Nu-Metal song, great throat!; a call to arms for all queefers, finding the crunch in Sublime, Marc Klasfeld, “This video is just a lot of dudes grabbing butts.”, the logistics of getting your tits in the air, “Inexplicably, I like this song”, empathy blasts, the swagger and confidence of Jahred, are people fucking people who are losers?; “A loser with a pristine dick”, Convincing Jesus of your good dick, is Jahred a genius?; “I’m a sexually aggressive man with a perfect dick”,  a Juggalo Hundo update, and an intense discussion on whether Hed PE deserve another spot in the Nu-Metal Canon. 

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Lorin Kozlowski