Episode 62: Invitation to the Dance by 40 Below Summer

It’s a return to that classic Nu-Metal sound on this week’s episode of Roach Koach, as Jenny, Lorin, and Matt listen to 40 Below Summer and their major label debut, Invitation to the Dance. Topics discussed: The Juggalo Hundo, a peak behind the curtain, “Is this too metal for Lorin?”; The Nu-Metal Dumpster, Clown’s production style, searching for a Hot Open, “I didn’t need a smoothboy”, cribbing from the Draiman playbook, The Rocket Summer, 3 Doors Down connection, “I’m not here to dance, I’m here to grind.”; “I’ve been punched during this song numerous times”, gonzo, vocal fry, watch your ass around 40 Below Summer, Quiff porn, regretting a pit activation, and of course the decision on whether 40 Below Summer deserve a spot in the Nu-Metal Canon. 

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