Episode 61: Commencement by Deadsy

It’s another listener requested album this week on The Roach Koach Podcast, as Jenny, Lorin, and Matt sit down with Deadsy’s major label debut, Commencement. Topic’s discussed: “Thanks” Mitch, Who’s Tweeting, the Juggalo Hundo, getting a Deadsy tattoo, Deadsy parentage, “Is this even nu-metal?”, Shit-taxes-posers, Jenny’s favorite Sebadoh song, a Lazyboy, “Limp as a board?”, The Faint, intense analysis on Songmeanings.com, Does listening to Deadsy build character?; ripping off Bauhaus, activating a nap, Gary Numan, “If you’re going to be a slowboy, be a slowboy”, Is there a glory hole in the book version of 101 DALMATIONS?; Rolling Stone review, “Elijah Blue is academia”, “Let me go to my notes”, and of course, deciding if Deadsy deserve a spot in the Nu-Metal Canon. 

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