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Buck Fifty Social Club

The Buck Fifty Social Club is a motley crew of New York comedians, actors, writers, musicians and other daydreamers who tackle really great questions that really don’t matter. Sit in on their conversations as they deliberate over questions like “What is the worst fast food?”, “Which six fictional characters would you have stand in your wedding?”, and “Would you rather live in a world where The Matrix or Jurassic Park was a reality?”.


His name is Matt, his Name is Matt, and that's all that Matters.  We talk to local people and find out what's happening in their lives and everything that matters.

Roach Koach

Lorin Kozlowski, Jennifer Bloomer, and Matt Naas go in depth on your favorite Nu-Metal and rap-rock albums of the late 90's and early 2000's to create a Nu-Metal Canon. 

The Zero’s Journey

A serious attempt to create a canon worthy work of original fiction from scratch.

Transmissions from the Darkside

A podcast reviewing all three seasons, in order, of the iconic 80’s horror anthology show Monsters.