Episode 48: Obsolete by Fear Factory

Take your seats and grab some popcorn as The Roach Koach Podcast gets cinematic this week with Fear Factory’s 1998 concept album, Obsolete. Jenny, Lorin and Matt dive in to the script and re-create the adventures of Edgecrusher as they consider the album for the Nu-Metal Canon. Topics discussed: Lorin’s distant memory of Fear Factory, a Frontline Assembly connection, “Getting the party started”, great names of all the band members, Nu-Metal as Fuck, the singing style of Burton C. Bell, “Everyone is upbeat and violent”, Is this Nu-Metal enough?; Debates and conspiracy theories on Songmeanings.com, pit activation, “Just wait for the drop”, “Scroll up”, a discussion on the advancement of technology, earning the trust of the audience, the return of the Good Book, the Roach Koach Live Show, and a hint about what album we’ll be doing.  As well, Who’s Tweeting, and the decision on whether Fear Factory deserve a place in the Nu-Metal Canon. 

Mark your calendars for the first Roach Koach Podcast live show, Wednesday June 7th 2017, 9pm at Go Comedy Improv Theater in Ferndale MI. Tickets on sale soon at GoComedy.Net

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